Being a Technology leader, I believe that being hands-on, curious and exploring new technologies helps me inspire, look forward to adopting the new stack for meeting the business objectives, bring efficiencies in systems and be the cutting edge. Listing down are few of my  startups that I worked on early in my career and the lessons I learned helped me bring the right team for the job.

Hare & Hound

This idea of Hare & hound is to make treasure hunt a way of gifting for any occasion. Target audience would be to let kids or Adults play a treasure hunt in a mall or few locations based on the hints to get their gifts. A more fun way to gift for special Occasions. App allows to add Locations, Hints and gift cards to make personal touch matter.

Ten Hrs.

App allows to reinforce concepts using the technique of Micro Learning and Gamification to enable learners with Quizzes and Flashcards on particular topic of choice. This way skills needed for tomorrow can be made easy and enjoyable for user. Ten Hours title is derived from the idea of picking up a skill within Ten Hours of stipulated time. Preferable within 4 weeks with 2 Hours per week and an additional 2 Hours for Interaction with Tutor on an Online forum.